lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

Graphic Work in SF

Graphic Work: Imaging Today's Labor Movement is an exhibition of new labor posters that Josh & Zoeann curated last year, and it has traveled to San Francisco to be part of Labor Fest 2008!

Here's the details:
Opening Reception for Graphic Work:
Imaging Today’s Labor Movement

Monday, July 7, 5:30 PM (Free)
SEIU 1021 Hall
350 Rhode Island, Suite 100
San Francisco

The American labor movement has an amazing history of graphic production, creating some of the most effective political images in the history of this country. However, work and workers, along with the labor movement, are often depicted as experiences of the American past: paintings of Joe Hill, photographs from the early1900s of children working in factories, historic strikes and Rosie the Riveter.

Today’s workforce looks dramatically different from the majority of images used to depict labor. To address this issue we asked innovative artists to create posters that depict contemporary jobs, the people that do them and the issues workers now face.

What we found was startling. Most young politically engaged people don’t realize the American labor movement still exists and if they do they have little or no relationship to it. We found that now more than ever it is important to create new images of labor. The posters here are the beautiful beginning of a new wave of labor art.

Graphic work curated by Josh MacPhee and Zoeann Murphy
Sponsored by the Workforce Development Institute, Bread and Roses Cultural Project of ll99SEIU, and

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