martes, 1 de abril de 2014

«The voice of peace» for Ukraine

The way of information about this event is unexpected. Sometimes it can be straight, sometimes winding. But information always achieves its’ goal, each of us.

What do you think about events in Ukraine? Every day this question becomes morbidly topical for more and more geographical territories already in world scale.
In the period of changes 2013-2014 Ukraine became the powerful source of artistic reflection. Under that influence the poster as a genre concentrates the energy and sharps the massage.

The poster was and remains the heavy artistic artillery. Visual message can achieve the “sore point” of awareness. This is unique genre, that combines in it democracy, accuracy, laconism and high artistic degree.

The goal of international activation “The voice of peace” is not only to develop the culture of graphical design. Organizers suppose that a poster is the most honest form to express own position concerning complicated theme. Besides it is the straightest way to achieve the goal, as the poster is a message that reduced to obvious visual form, so it can clearly make conclusions and stimulate concrete actions.

Graphic designers from any part of the world are invited to participate. Best works will be exhibited in the heart of Ukraine, the “freedom territory” and power place – Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
Posters will be participating in a street show.

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