miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

We love NY

Esta es una de las razones por las que merece la pena trabajar en el ámbito del diseño. En 2013 comisariamos la exposición "Estrada: Sailing through design" en el National Design Center of New York. Fue una experiencia fantástica. Lástima que casi siempre tengan que ser los de fuera los que valoren nuestro esfuerzo...

"(...) Don't loose the fact that AIGA started and continues to be about EXCELLENCE, as Ric has often said. But excellence cannot be abstract or rhetorical. It must be concrete. Our competitions, exhibitions, retrospectives, introspectives, books and magazines evidenced that EXCELLENCE or at least made arguments for and against. Designers make work, not just noise. The celebration of great work, is what's disappeared. I have to look elsewhere to see what is being done today. Its like MTV getting rid of music vidz in prime time. 

The last exhibit of Manuel Estrada's work at The Building was incredible for its ingenuity and skill. It made me want to be a designer again. It made me glad to have The Building and proud the AIGA had the show." (observatory.designobserver.com)  

Steven Heller 

More info: AIGA/NYC
Estrada: Sailing through design  
July 17, 2013-October 7, 2013

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