miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

"Simplemente" Michel Quarez

The famous French poster artist is showing his work in the Forney Library
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Du 19 septembre au 2 janvier
Quarez posts at the bibliothèque Forney
Bibliothèque Forney,
75004 Paris
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A familiar figure to Parisians for the spectacularly coloured posters he created for the “Paris quartier d’été” festival from 2007 to 2009, Michel Quarez occupies a unique position on today’s graphic design scene. This veritable craftsman of advertising posters is now showing 78 posters in the Forney library. Before everything else, Michel Quarez is a painter, an artist who adapts totally to the poster, which he conceives as a monumental work of art. His manner of applying great swathes of saturated colour triggers a visual shock that is further reinforced by his frequent use of fluorescent inks. He doesn’t believe in superfluous details: the simplicity of his images brings primitive art to mind, leaving an impression that becomes a real riot of colour. Michel Quarez has also created what is actually an unprecedented arrangement of poster art, repeating nearly 2,000 copies of the same poster along a ten kilometre route. This artistic intrusion into the cityscape will also stay in place as long as the exhibition remains open to the public.

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