viernes, 29 de julio de 2022

Madrid Gráfica 2022


Madrid Gráfica, DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, call on graphic designers from all over the world to take part in the poster exhibition of this new edition under the Motto: Ciudades abiertas / Open Cities. Approaching the theme of the city as an open space full of opportunites, despite uncertain times.

Deadline: August 15th.

“The cities everyone wants to live in should be clean and safe, possess efficient public services, be supported by a dynamic economy, provide cultural stimulation, and also do their best to heal society’s divisions of race, class, and ethnicity.”, Richard Sennet.

The content of this new open call will move around Cities restored as spaces for opportunities for all. And “Open Cities” should be both the content and motto to be included – in the chosen language- in all the posters.

This sixth edition of Madrid Gráfica wants to focus on the idea of ​​cities as open places again, full of possibilities for life and social and economic activity, after the long pandemic. Cities full of possibilities that, despite these uncertain times, offer an enormous number of life and work options, both for the citizens who already live in and for those who come in search of new paths and new opportunities.

The proposal for this year has as its obligatory motto “Open Cities”, which may be written in any language. This motto on the posters can be accompanied by an image or group of images that describe the cities as open spaces and full of possibilities, giving designers the opportunity to fill the streets with positive messages:
—The city as territory of opportunities
—The city that opens back up
—Cities that attract us
—The magnet city
—Cities where anything can happen
—The city where everyone fits
—Open cities where anything is possible

All the submitted posters will be shown at La Central de Diseño – Matadero Madrid, and a professional selection committee will select those that they consider to be most creative and original, up to 100, that will be exhibited in two of the most emblematic squares of the city center: Plaza de Oriente and Plaza Juan Goytisolo (Reina Sofía Museum)

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